School Code : 60473
Affiliation No. : 2131045


Preeti Malhotra

Principal's Message

Dear Reader
"Education is the ability to meet life situations." Dr. John G. Hibben.

It is really pleasure that you and we are a part of this organization which aims not just to impart knowledge but to inculcate in them compassion and humanitarian spirit. Education today requires one to mould a child into an individual capable of contributing effectively to society and to the world community at large. Children in today`s world must be taught to think and not merely to remember.

The drive to learn in children must be aroused. A sense of responsibility has to be developed for knowledge. The task of a teacher is to stimulate ordinary people to unusual effort. The problem is not in identifying winners, it is in making winners out of ordinary people. We in THE AARYANS realize that each child is an individual with unique strength and need to make it more meaningful and relevant. THE AARYANS is not just is impart knowledge but is inculcate in students compassion and humanitarian spirits.

We at THE AARYANS blend the essence of Vedic knowledge with the best of modern education in order to provide the best education your child deserve from tapping the potential to exploring the brighter. At the same time culture objective is not to be ignored as education should help the students to be more self-sufficient to develop his or her inner resources and is lead a rich and rewarding life.

May THE AARYANS continue its roaring flight of excellence.