School Code : 60473
Affiliation No. : 2131045


School Rules

1. Students must be punctual. They should arrive 5 minutes before the bell
2. Gates will be closed after five minutes of the reporting time. Habitual late comers will be sent back home.
3. Students must be regular in attending the school and make an earnest effort while completing Home assignments.
4. School Uniform is compulsory on all school days and at all school functions. Students must wear the prescribed uniform of the exact shade and pattern as prescribed by the school.
5. Students should bring their text books, note books and other necessary articles as per day`s time table. Name, class/section of the student should be written on all their belongings
6. Students should carry their Learner`s Handbook to school everyday.
7. Students are allowed to leave the school premises only in exceptional circumstances after seeking permission of the principal.
8. The school will not be held responsible for goods lost. Therefore, it is not advisable to bring valuable articles like jewellery, mobile phone, expensive watches, electronic gadgets, etc. to the school.
9. Students are strictly forbidden to bring any sort of objectionable literature/material to the school and school reserves the right to carry out an inspection any time. Strict action will be taken against those students indulging in such refarious activities.
10. Students are not allowed to receive visitors during school hours.
11. Students should take particular care to keep the school premises clean.
12. Students are answerable to the school authorities for their conduct in and outside the school. Hence, misbehaviour in public places and conveyances justifies dismissal. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, disobedience, objectionable moral behaviour and above all discourtesy and disrespect to the teachers are sufficient grounds for dismissal.
13. Students should maintain the sanctity of the classroom and report any damage observed. Writing or scribbling on the walls or damage to school property will be treated as a breach of discipline. Strict disciplinary measures will be taken against such offenders. The parents will have to bear the expenses of the damaged property.
14. Students should observe simple rules of decency and decorum. Shouting, whistling and using abusive language are strictly prohibited. Bullying and using foul language will be treated as an act of indiscipline.
15. Firing crackers and splashing colour in the school premises is a gross misconduct which will result in expulsion from the school.
16. I-card is a compulsory part of the school uniform and hence should be carried to school daily. In case of loss or damage of it, the student will have to pay Rs. 50/- for reissue of the same.
17. Celebration of birthdays in school is not permitted. However the birthday child can come in Party dress (up to V class strictly).
18. The school provides conveyance on all routes. The details of bus- routes are available in the school office. If a pupil desires to come on his own, he/she can do so with permission from the Principal.
19. Wearing of helmet and a learner`s license is mandatory for all students riding a two wheeler. Undertaking from the parent will be required.
20. Students are not permitted to wear any jewellery to school. Girls may wear one pair of small earrings or studs.
21. Changing of rooms between periods should be done in silence and in an orderly way.
22. Campus Language : Conversation in English is mandatory within the school premises.
23. Parent`s attendance is mandatory at all parent Teacher Meeting. It is parent`s/guardian`s responsibility to ensure authentic signatures on report card and all important notices.
24. Bunking of school by student of any class irrespective of age will lead to immediate rustication and expulsion of student from the school without any explanation whatsoever.
25. The use of cell phone is strictly prohibited within the school premises. The use of mehndi, other forms of ornamentation which include jewellery or expensive watches, wearing cosmetic including kajal is not permitted. Boys are expected to wear their hair short.